Grant Guidelines:

  • Grants are considered twice a year in December and June.
  • Deadline for submission for the December meeting is October 15
  • Deadline for the June meeting is May 15
  • Grants are awarded in communities where the family and directors reside or have been involved.
  • All grant requests must have a Director or member of the Foundation sponsor or endorse the submission.  If you do not have an endorsement, please first submit a Letter of Inquiry.  Successful applicants will be invited by a Director to submit a grant application.
  • Requests for support should be made in a letter proposal of not more than three (3) pages sent electronically with the Grant Summary Form.
  • Materials to be mailed are listed on the Grant Summary Form.
  • The foundation prefers not to make multi-year commitments.
  • The Foundation rarely makes awards over $15,000.00


Only not-for-profit organizations that have been granted exemption from federal income tax by the IRS under section 501(c)3 are eligible to apply for support. Preference will be given to areas where directors and members live and are involved in the community. Under special circumstances, organizations in parts of Georgia where the Chapman family has traditionally had interests will be considered.

Type of Support:

The Foundation makes grants for operating support, specific projects and endowments. Multi-year support will be considered in special circumstances. Funds will not be provided for loans or to organizations engaged in partisan or political activities. No grants will be made to individuals.

Submission Requirements:

Please submit your grant electronically to Foundation Secretary Kimberly Smetana,

Grants should be no more than three pages.

Please include a completed Grant Summary Form with your electronic submission.

Mail The Following Items To The Address Listed Below:

  • 501(c)3 IRS determination Letter
  • List of officers, Board of Directors or any other governing body
  • Budget for Project/Organization
  • Financial statement for the organization’s most recent fiscal year
  • Copy of Grant Proposal letter and Grant Summary Form

Mailing Address:

CF Secretary
The Alvah & Wyline Chapman Foundation
PO Box 55398
St. Petersburg, FL 33732-5398

Click here for a printable PDF version of the guidelines.